Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
F10319 WOODLAND SILVER QUEEN Mare May 02, 1972 Bay Clydesdale
M10649 WOODLAND SIR DUFF Stallion July 10, 1975 Roan Clydesdale
M10650 WOODLAND SIR GENE Stallion May 07, 1975 Roan Clydesdale
M15085 WOODLAND SIR KENNY Gelding April 23, 1991 Bay Clydesdale
M13203 WOODLAND SIR REX Gelding April 25, 1986 Bay Clydesdale
M12001 WOODLAND SIR ROBERT Stallion May 30, 1982 Bay Clydesdale
M13898 WOODLAND SIR WILLIAM Stallion April 26, 1988 Bay Clydesdale
M11293 WOODLAND SPRING HILLS BARON Stallion April 28, 1979 Brown Clydesdale
M16158 WOODLAND SUPERB Stallion May 08, 1994 Bay Clydesdale
M16624 WOODLAND SUPERIOR Stallion March 18, 1995 Bay Clydesdale
F10172 WOODLAND SUZANNE Mare May 31, 1970 Roan Clydesdale
F12956 WOODLAND TRACI Mare April 24, 1986 Brown Clydesdale
M10012 WOODLAND VICEROY Stallion May 11, 1965 Bay Clydesdale
M24266 WOODROW PLUNTON OF ALC Stallion May 24, 2008 Bay Clydesdale
F26541 WOODY WALKER WILMA Mare February 04, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
M20145 WOOLCUTT'S DIAMOND Stallion May 01, 2001 Bay Clydesdale
G19646 WOOLY BULLY OF GRANDVIEW Gelding May 29, 1999 Bay Clydesdale
M21900 WORK HORSE CHURCH'S AVALANCHE Stallion February 10, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
F20002 WORTHINGTON'S LADY GWENEVERE Mare June 05, 2001 Black Clydesdale
M27532 WP STORM Stallion June 06, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F22125 W.S. CHARLOTTE ROSE OF STARLIT Mare May 06, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
M17060 WULFGAR Stallion August 15, 1995 Bay Clydesdale
F22457 WV ANNIE Mare April 14, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
G22458 WV FIRECRACKER JACK Gelding June 21, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F23845 WV GRACIE JAE Mare June 10, 2007 Bay Clydesdale