Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
F19865 ABBY GAIL 70611 CN Mare April 21, 2000 Bay Clydesdale
M20806 ABBY'S SUMMERLAD 33577 CN Stallion May 27, 2002 Black Clydesdale
M13854 ABERDEEN BONNIE LAD 31829 CN 25259 GB Stallion June 23, 1986 Bay Clydesdale
F65230(CN) ABERDEEN JEAN Mare NOF Unknown Clydesdale
F82001(GB) ABERDEEN ROSE Mare NOF Unknown Clydesdale
M25676(CN) ABERGALDIE Stallion NOF Unknown Clydesdale
F71371(CN) ABEY'S ACRES ANGEL Mare May 18, 2001 Bay Clydesdale
F17036 ABEY'S ACRES BELLA 69106 Mare March 19, 1994 Bay Clydesdale
F18094 ABEY'S ACRES CINDY 69722 CN Mare February 20, 1996 Bay Clydesdale
F69985(CN) ABEY'S ACRES HOLLY Mare NOF Unknown Clydesdale
M17685 ABEY'S ACRES MARK ARGYLL 32910 CN Stallion March 29, 1997 Bay Clydesdale
F17469 ABEY'S ACRES PEARL 69344 CN Mare March 17, 1995 Bay Clydesdale
F13737 ABIGAIL Mare April 16, 1988 Brown Clydesdale
F16939 ABIGAIL OF OLD PINE TREE Mare June 19, 1995 Roan Clydesdale
F27819 ACCEPT HIS GRACE Mare March 18, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
M27697 ACE OF WILDFIRE Stallion February 13, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
F05958 ACE'S MARILYN Mare June 19, 1966 Black Clydesdale
M23713 ACK BABE'S RUSTY Stallion October 14, 2006 Bay Clydesdale
F24395 ACK GUS'S REESE Mare March 14, 2008 Bay Clydesdale
F25306 ACK GUS'S XCELLE Mare May 06, 2010 Bay Clydesdale
F24898 ACK GUS'S YANNA Mare May 21, 2009 Bay Clydesdale
M12488 ADAM'S BEAU Stallion April 04, 1985 Bay Clydesdale
F12114 ADAM'S HIGHLAND DANCER Mare February 14, 1983 Roan Clydesdale
F22852 ADELDALE ABIGAIL Mare May 25, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
F22853 ADELDALE CARLY Mare June 03, 2003 Bay Clydesdale