Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
F27825 GREGGS CALIFORNIA POLLY GIRL 73416 CN Mare April 07, 2009 Bay Clydesdale
M27824 BRELEE NORMANDY 35925 CN Stallion February 21, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
G27823 MCKEOWN H.A. FINNEGAN 35856 CN Gelding February 19, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F70926(CN) MAPLEBROOK BECKY Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F27822 WILLOW WAY LACEY Mare June 03, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
M27827 SKY RIDGE MATRIX'S MAJOR TOM 35951 CN Gelding April 30, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
F72953(CN) CEDARVIEW MOLLY Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F27826 THEODORE'S DREAM GIRL 74667 CN Mare May 25, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F27828 GLENCOE SWEET ABAGAIL Mare March 08, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F27830 RICH FARMS HANNAH LEE Mare February 27, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
G27829 EVERGREEN ACRES PATRICK 35233 CN Gelding April 11, 2012 Bay Clydesdale
F71014(CN) WILLOW WAY ANGELINE Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
M27831 STRONG SHOT OF WHISKEY Stallion January 31, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
M27833 ST. SEVERIN Q'S REDEMPTION Stallion April 13, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
M27832 ST. SEVERIN Q'S GIDEON Stallion February 16, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
M27836 T.F.C. FUSILIER'S LEGEND* Stallion January 23, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
M27835 CROSS CREEK ACES HIGH Stallion May 22, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
F27834 INSPIRATION'S CHARM OF CROSS CREEK Mare February 26, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F27839 WILLOW WAY PRESLIE 74731 CN Mare May 03, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F27838 KEYHOLE BREEZE 75105 CN Mare May 16, 2017 Black Clydesdale
F75103(CN) KEYHOLE BLAIRE Mare NOF Black Clydesdale
F27837 RSL CASSIE 74445 CN Mare April 16, 2014 Brown Clydesdale
F72067(CN) FAYDAR ELIZA Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
M32408(CN) TERRAGOLD PICASSO Stallion NOF Bay Clydesdale