Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
F20095(GB) MILLICHEN PAMELA Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F26643 JOSEPH LAKE'S BLOSSOM 74460 CN Mare March 25, 2014 Black Clydesdale
F26670 HEUPEL'S PAISLEY Mare April 27, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26671 TRIPLE CORNERS GINGER 71614 CN Mare May 02, 2003 Bay Clydesdale
F26672 BOULDER BLUFF CARLA 72087 CN Mare June 06, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F26673 BOULDER BLUFF BALDY 74001 CN Mare May 07, 2012 Black Clydesdale
F26675 DENLYN'S ROYAL FREEDOM LYNN Mare April 15, 2014 Black Clydesdale
F26676 FANCY Mare April 08, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26677 COUNTRY LANE PATSY Mare March 29, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26678 FOREST SILVER ROSE 74268 CN Mare February 20, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
F26680 LIC AMAZING GRACE Mare April 25, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26681 PROTEGE'S ESSENSE OF VALETTA (ET) Mare March 31, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26682 HEMROSE THYME Mare April 25, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26688 AMAZING GRACE OF C3 Mare March 12, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26690 C3 ENVY'S KELLIE Mare February 02, 2014 Black Clydesdale
F26691 VALLEY OF THE KINGS QUEEN MIYA Mare May 12, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
F26693 DRAFTY HILL WILLOW WAY RAELAN Mare March 24, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26694 DRAFTY HILL WILLOW WAY BROOKLAN Mare May 16, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26696 PARNELLRANCH MISS PROTE JEN Mare February 12, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26697 PARNELLRANCH MISS HOT COCO Mare February 24, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26698 PARNELLRANCH MISS PERFECT FLOSS Mare February 11, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26700 SHINING MEADOWS REBECCA Mare March 24, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26701 SHINING MEADOWS BAILEY Mare May 05, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F26703 MIGHTY MAITLAND'S MACY 73944 CN Mare March 18, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
F26704 MIGHTY MAITLAND'S MALLORY 74193 CN Mare April 20, 2012 Bay Clydesdale